Investment News- Fox, Joss, and Yankee share details of their amicable split

Last week I had the pleasure of reuniting with my former partners Marjorie and Jon as we sat down together with Liz Skinner to share the details of last year’s amicable split of our company FJY Financial. Last year my wife and I decided to downsize and move into our vacation home in Williamsburg on a full-time basis, therefore I decided to leave FJY, not an easy decision and by far the toughest part of our lifestyle change.  It is never easy leaving a partnership of 9 years, and I had been with Marjorie for 14 years, and Jon 12 years.  As you can see from the article, we made it happen.  As the article states, it took hard work,  communication, respect, and the desire to place our clients first to  accomplished what many firms fail to do, an amicable split.

Breaking up (an advisory firm) is easy to do?