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How Much College Debt is Enough?

July 10th, 2016|

This is the first time I've seen a rule of thumb for how much college debt it enough. Here's the rule: Borrow less than that first year's salary. Here's more on the topic by Susan Tomp [...]

Another Take on the UK EU Referendum

June 28th, 2016|

"Many of those who exit the markets miss the recoveries. What we have often seen in the past is that investors who remained in well-diversified portfolios were rewarded over time." To [...]

Post Brexit, So What?

June 26th, 2016|

Yesterday’s vote by the British electorate to end its membership in the European Union (EU) seems to have taken just about everybody by surprise, but the aftermath could not have been [...]

The Brexit Moment of Truth

June 22nd, 2016|

I've read several articles regarding the similarities and differences between the "Brexit" vote and support for Donald Trump's run for president. Because it's coming soonest, let me in [...]

Survivorship Bias, Almost Accurate

June 8th, 2016|

The other day I posted an article about the difficulty active managers have in outperforming their target indices. One of the reasons we turn to evidence-based investing is to guide us [...]