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Clients of Joss Financial are a diverse group. They hail from all over the U.S., represent multiple cultures, and range from Generation Y to the Greatest Generation. Many work in the legal and medical professions, as well as in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Our client roster includes entrepreneurs and consultants, small-business owners, and even retirees. Are we a fit for you? Take a look at a composite profile of some of our “typical” clients*:

A Semi-Retired Executive

At 58, Katherine recently retired after more than 30 years as a business executive. While she’s still open to consulting and other business opportunities, she’s really looking forward to visiting her grandchildren and focusing on charity and philanthropic work. Katherine is financially secure at this stage in her life, and wants to help children and grandchildren succeed in their endeavors. She’s considering gifting money to help pay for her grandson’s college, and to help her daughter start a new business.

On Her Own

With a rewarding career as a nurse, Ruth has been a conscientious saver all her life. She and her husband built a substantial nest egg together, but with his recent death, Ruth finds herself lacking the confidence to make financial decisions on her own again. She’s looking for a trustworthy advisor – a confidant with whom she can discuss her life and financial goals. Ruth wants to protect and grow her wealth, as well as enjoy a comfortable retirement. She would also like direction on how she can use estate planning to fulfill her own legacy, as well as that of her family and her late husband.

“Tracy & Pat”
A Young Professional Couple

Tracy and Pat are a powerhouse couple who are just starting their professional lives. Their finances are relatively simple, but they do need help to understand how they can pay off significant student loans and other debt, while also saving for the future. Tracy and Pat are used to paying for subscriptions (like Netflix, or their gym), so they welcome the opportunity to “subscribe” to ongoing financial advice that will help them tackle their biggest money challenges

A Small Business Owner

Now 32, Ben started his successful small business a few years ago, and is already seeing a profit. With about 30 employees, Ben is a high earner who recently started thinking about investing for retirement. With a wife, two children and a baby on the way, Ben’s focused on the future, and looking for a financial advisor who can serve as his accountability partner. Ben would also like help to manage the 401(k) retirement plan he created for his employees.

A Small Business Owner

Carrie is a successful consultant, and at 48, she’s looking forward to retiring within the next five years. Her bucket list includes spending more time in the faraway cities she visited when she was working, and focusing on more balance in her life. Carrie enjoys taking a holistic view of her finances and wants to ensure her wealth can support her throughout her many adventures in retirement.

*Profiles are for illustration purposes only and do not represent specific clients of Joss Financial Group.

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